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Training And Installation
1. How Long Does It Take To Install The Cnc Angle Line?

The SUNRISE CNC ANGLE PUNCHING, MARKING AND SHEARING MACHINE can be installed and operational in your facility less than 5 days after receiving the machine. The machine is simple to install and most of the work is done by the customer prior to the service technician arriving at the customer's facility.

a. Prior to installing your machine you will need to supply the following.

b. Flat and level concrete pad 100mm or 4" thick (or more).

c. Dry shop air at 0.8 MPa (or 90-125 psi).

d. Electrical power to run the machine. Machine requires 3-phase 380V power supply. If you do not have 380V power, we can supply you with a transformer to convert any 3-phase source voltage including 208/22, 380, 400 and 560V to the native 480V required by the angle line.

e. Hydraulic oil for the hydraulic system.

The machine arrives by standard freight carrier. You, the client, are responsible for offloading the SUNRISE machine from the transport truck and setting up the machine in his facility.

2. What Training Is Provided For Sunrise Machine?

Once you have notified SUNRISE that the foundation work has been completed, and you have faxed or mailed the Installation Readiness to SUNRISE, then the SUNRISE service technician will travel to your facility and do the final setup and calibration of your machine, and then spend time with your operators taking them through our simple yet thorough training program.

Your operators will receive training in:

a. Machine setup and adjustment.

b. Machine maintenance and lubrication.

c. Fault finding and troubleshooting.

d. Programming of parts.

e. Importing of parts.

f. How to change our punches and dies.

g. How to sharpen your drill bits.

3. What Software Training Do I Receive?

The SUNRISE CNC MACHINES uses the industry standard PLC modules, so it is very easy to input some values into the machine software and send all parameters to PLC. If you are using some lofting software such as TEKLA, X-STEEL, LIPINGYI, or your AUTOCAD drawings, so long as it can be opened in txt format, our machine can convert the data into suitable machine data automatically. Our CNC Plate Drilling Machine, CNC H beam Drilling Machine can read AUTOCAD files automatically.

Our installation technician will show you how easy it is to program parts into the SUNRISE machines, both at the machine and offline in your office.

You will also be shown how to import CAD detailed files (that support the DSTV format) directly into our machine completely eliminating any possibility of operator error.

We are also able to offer operator training courses and for new operators (and refresher courses for existing operators at the SUNRISE facility in Jinan, China - please call for details and pricing.

Technical Support For Sunrise Cnc Machines

Repairs And Maintenance

The SUNRISE CNC Plate Drilling machine is a very simple and basic machine that is virtually trouble free.
It uses best quality pump, linear guide and YASKAWA servo, MITSUBISHI PLC and all main parts are world famous brands.
SUNRISE CNC handles all repairs and maintenance that cannot be undertaken by the customer.
SUNRISE CNC strives to have a service technician on site after receiving a request. We also have many distributors, agents and service teams in many different countries and areas. 
SUNRISE will supply best prompt service within warranty period for free. Beyond warranty, we only charge for cost of service.


SUNRISE keep all main spare parts readily available in storage for immediate delivery. If any parts model upgraded, we will try to help customers change new model.

Also we supply some critical and wearing parts drawings to our customers, who can outsource it in your local area.

We will supply free service for customers who buy spare parts from our side directly. All urgently required spare parts will be delivered by air to our customers.


SUNRISE CNC is China Top Professional manufacturer of CNC angle machine, CNC angle punching machine, CNC angle drilling machine, tower processing machine.CNC Beam Lines, CNC Angle Lines and CNC Plate Drilling Machine, CNC Flange Drilling & Milling Machine, CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine, Angle Notching Machine, CNC Plate Punching Machine. SUNRISE supplies well over 300 CNC machines in the past 3 years alone.
SUNRISE CNC always take prompt response for all customers'feedback. If problems cannot be solved by calling and mail, we send engineers to customers'factory for site service without fail.
Our Technical Support, Parts Supply and After Sales Service, are unparalleled in the industry.

4. Can Your Machine Or Other Products Be Customized?

Yes, we are a professional manufacturer who specializes in CNC Punching, Drilling, Cutting, and Sawing machine for Angles, Plates, Beams, Flats, Tube sheets, Flange for many years. We have a strong design team, so any conventional products can be customized.

5. What About The Transportation?

Usually we take seaway, because it's more convenient and cheaper for big machine. Sometimes we deliver machines by railway. But for urgent required spare parts we deliver it by air express.

6. What Is Your Machine Quality And Inspection?

SUNRISE Corp. is passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certificate for many years. And SUNRISE accepts SGS inspection on behalf of our customers before shipping as well.

7. What Is Your Payment Term?

Generally, 30% T/T advance payment, 70% T/T against copy of B/L (after shipping). SUNRISE also accept 100% L/C at sight.

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