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CNC Angle Tower Production Line
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CNC Angle tower production is the wholly-automatic production CNC machine for drilling, punching, cutting and marking the angle steel for electric power and communication iron towers.

Characteristics of CNC Angle Tower Production Line

The machine is marked by a high rigidity, a compact structure, optimized layout, a cutting-free function and a high material utilization rate;

Printing, punching, cutting, sorting and stacking are conducted automatically, with a high productivity;

Chinese interface of computer, operator-friendly, capable of displaying work-piece pictures;

At the time of programming, we need only to enter the work-piece dimension, aperture, stadia and work amount, and we can also directly use the program data generated by the lofting software;

Several measures are taken to resolve the feeding difficulty and stadia error caused by the bending of angle steel;

CNC technology is used; servo motor feeding; high efficiency; stable working precision;

All key liquid, gaseous and electric components are imported;

Functions of fault self-diagnosis and data statistics.

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