Professional manufacturer of CNC angle machine, CNC angle punching machine, CNC angle drilling machine, tower processing machine.

SHANDONG SUNRISE CNC MACHINE CO.,LTD. specializes in the design, development and sales of CNC drilling, punching, cutting, milling, sawing, bending, aligning, groove and other optomechatronic CNC processing machines. The leading products of the company include: angle tower CNC processing machine, steel structure CNC processing machine, large sheet material CNC processing equipment, electric power fittings processing machine, etc., which are extensively applied in such industries as electric power and communication angle, wind power generation machine, steel structure, central refrigeration, automobile, petrochemicals, heat exchanger, engineering machinery, etc.

The CNC angle tower production line of our company is a special machine for angle tower manufacturing——angle tower punching, typewriting and cutting. This production line of angle steel consists of horizontal material platform, flip loading, feed channel, CNC feed cart, principal machine, finished product material reversing and hydraulic system and electrical control system. For such sub-procedures as unloading, punching and typewriting, we need only to enter the corresponding work-piece dimension, aperture, end-to-end distance, edge distance, pitch of holes and other data into the computer, or use the CAD drawing switch software to automatically generate the processing procedures. The machine will automatically punch, typewrite and cut the processed materials, thus dramatically reducing the labor intensity of workers and ensuring the stability and high productivity of processed work-pieces.

Our company boasts a strong technical power and excellent processing machines, and a team of experienced, passionate, energetic, professional and high-quality talent. Our professional team of design and R & D consisting of high and medium technicians has been engaging in the research and development of new technology and new products for a long time, having brought a strong technical power and tremendous competitiveness to our company. Welcome to our factory for investigation, and we will offer you the best service and the most competitive price.

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